ufomg_conceptThese days, most people and Pop Culture link UFOs — unidentified flying objects — with E.T. intelligence and super-advanced spacecraft. But this is a comparatively recent notion. Recent, despite the well-documented fact that throughout ancient and recorded history people have always reported seeing bizarre things overhead. Depictions of dramatic celestial phenomena: meteors, eclipses, freak weather, etc, have decorated caves, castles, and cathedrals for umpteen ages.

But it’s only been in the last hundred years-or-so that witnesses have attributed mysterious lights and peculiar “somethings” in the sky to Interplanetary Visitors. Inspiring serious speculation about whether Life on other planets actually exists, as-well-as becoming dependable fodder for countless Sci-Fi novels, radio plays, and movies. Especially after the shocking introduction of rockets and missiles during World War II.

Today, some people are secure in believing that not only are Aliens keeping a close watch on us, but that World Governments have conspired to prevent their peoples from learning “The Truth” that is “Out There.”


I’m certain you’ve stared at a cloud overhead
And determined it looked like a rabbit instead.

Or a cotton-ball sheep, a potato, a whale,
Or a Spaceship! Which triggers the start of our tale.

Truly, clouds can be tricky they come in all sizes.
And often supply us with scenic surprises:

~ o ~

But when – after sunset – along the horizon
We notice, then focus our widening eyes on

An oval, a blob (where a plane should be flying),
A giant gray hamburger bun that’s defying

All notions of Gravity. “What the heck is it?!
A misguided meteor come for a visit?”

This hovering “something’s” a trick of the light /
A one-in-a-million / a rare Freak of Nature, right?

Well… S’matter-of-fact it’s the opposite case.
These “somethings” are sighted all over the place.

And down throughout History folks have been dropping
Their forks or their jaws as their eyes started popping

Clear out of their heads when they saw in the sky
Flying objects they couldn’t quite identify.


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