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As any self-respecting, bespectacled Historian knows, actual, factual History is an elusive creature.

Take any olden-days battle of yore (not a real place), it’s the Victors who get to embellish the “glorious” story. It’s the heartbroke Lover that’s faster with the quill-pen who gets to tell the tale out of School, the Village, the Monastery. The Rebel with the bullhorn, the radio show, the blog is the one who controls the Mission Statement.

“History” is mercurial. And even though we love how it beads up and squiggles around when we break the thermometer, repeated mishandling can be fatal — or at least mis-informative.

But Misinformation is also the Muse who never gets full credit. The (heads-up, Mixed Meta4s `a-coming) the surprise balled-up $100 bill that went through the laundry, the caught MegaCatfish that swallowed a diamond ring, the new “You” you become as a stranger at a party.

It’s “true.” Often The Truth is in quotations, and the purest Gold is “Fool’s.”

All that above? That’s what we’re up to here at “Unhinged History.” Except it mostly all rhymes. Oh, and we use more slang. And sometimes hands have only 3-fingers and a thumb.
History? It’s a kind of a DIY State of mind.   — Ted Enik

Author/illustrator Ted Enik has worked for most of the well-known publishing houses in New York, applying his versatility to both original art as well as classic and current children’s book characters. The artist for the beloved Fancy Nancy “I Can ReadTM” series, Enik was tapped to fill Hilary Knight’s venerable shoes by illustrating the latest Eloise hardcover, Eloise in Hollywood. Visit his website here!

Illustrator/Designer G.F. Newland has held a long and ponderous chain of odd jobs over the years, and some were quite odd indeed, so to pass the time, he doodled. Many of these doodles have made their way into books, etc. published by the likes of Scholastic and Hachette, and Pixel Mouse House too, and into galleries and museums around the known world; (i.e.: Brooklyn). His favorite odd jobs to date are being a dad, working at the School of Visual Arts, (where he received a Masters Degree in Computer Art/Animation), and playing guitar in a power pop band called the Thigh Highs, or playing his ’63 Farfisa stage organ with the Comedy Cabaret duo Milf & DilfVisit his website here!

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